One Player Boycotted the National Anthem as The New NFL Season Started- Then Veterans Pulled A Drastic Move

The NFL a couple of players so far pulling a ‘Colin Kaepernick’ and defying the national anthem. As the NFL new season officially kicked off, the latest addition to the mass of protesters was a Kansas City Chiefs player who boycotted the “Star Spangled Banner.”

Cornerback Marcus Peters has been the first of his keen to disrespect the national anthem. He remained seated as the national anthem was playing, while all the others stood and paid America the respect it deserves.

Before the game started, Peters tweeted:

Deciding not to let this one slide away, two veterans taught Peters a lesson worth remembering.

First off, we have Josh Ghering, who served in the Marine Corps for 12 years, and worked as a drill instructor for three years, was recently asked about his personal feelings on the newest trend by athletes disrespecting the national anthem, to which he replied:

“I didn’t see that as a sign of disrespect to me. I saw that as a sign of disrespect to my predecessors and to my brothers and sisters that came home in a flag draped coffin from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I respect his right to free speech, but I don’t agree/approve of what he is doing.

The NFL is a professional sport and just like the rest of the sports I expect players to leave controversial attention off the field. If they speak about something controversial I would expect a coach, general manager, owner of the team, or the commissioner to take action. It’s bad for business and they need to have a back bone to squash controversy.”

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